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A FEX Summer Immersion Camp is a two-week residential summer program at the prestigious Brookhouse school in Nairobi, Kenya for high school students (grades 10 through 12) from across the globe. It is a transformational summer experience where students gather to learn with each other while immersing themselves in the rich culture and beautiful outdoors of Nairobi.

O ur camp is designed to support all kinds of learners; from the more explorative student looking to discover their interests to the student who is passionate about a topic and looking to deepen their knowledge through our programs. With our focus on collaborative learning, the magic of Camp Kuza is the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make meaningful connections with passionate people from across the globe.

"K uza”, the Swahili word for immersion and nurturing, embodies the core spirit of our camp. We aim to nurture critical thinking and problem solving skills in our participants as they immerse themselves in problem-based learning tracks, fruitful discussions and hands-on activities. We are guided by a love for students’ learning and growth, a commitment to honing each student’s unique talents, and a passion for fostering cultural immersion and exchange.


Martin Yeboah

Founder and Dean

Martin is the Chief Executive Officer of AFEX Group Limited, a continent-wide educational enhancement organization. An Alumnus of Amherst and Wharton Business School, Martin has a passion for education and nurturing young minds. With over 10 years of experience working with teenagers, Martin has the profound ability to understand different kinds of students and learners and has inspired over 800 young students to excel both in and out of class. Project Manager Professional.

Joseph Lawson

Head of Operations and Logistics

Joseph is the Head of Operations for Camp Kuza. As Regional Manager of Afex Group in East Africa, Joseph guides students as they navigate the U.S. and Canadian college applications process. Joseph is an experienced SAT tutor and has assisted over 150 students to place in the top 5% of all test takers worldwide. He is an alumnus of the University of Ghana and a Certified Project Manager Professional.

Brian Fleischer

Head of Public Relations & Lead Peer Mentor

Brian is the Lead Peer Mentor and Head of Public Relations for Camp Kuza. During his time at Stanford University, Brian co-founded the Innovate Ghana High School Challenge, a summer STEM enrichment camp for Ghanaian high schoolers. At Stanford, he served as a Resident Assistant during his junior and senior years where he facilitated community building and mentored his peers. A Human Biology major and African Studies minor, Brian is excited to begin his medical career this fall and hopes to bring the sense of care and attention to detail into Camp Kuza.

Nana Akua Mensah

Programs Coordinator

Nana Akua Mensah is the Program Coordinator for Camp Kuza. During her time at Yale University, she worked as a Programs Assistant for Study Abroad Programs and Fellowships with the Center for Professional and International Experience. She, additionally, worked with the Yale Africa Initiative as an Instructor and Peer Mentor for the Yale Young African Scholars Program. She is excited to apply her skills and experience designing and coordinating educational travel programs for young adults to her work with Camp Kuza.

Brookhouse School


Brookhouse International School is a prestigious G-30 boarding school and a household name in East Africa, famous for its rigorous curriculum and holistic teaching philosophy.

Located in the heart of Kenya’s wildlife and eco-friendly enclaves, Brookhouse offers each student the opportunity to interact with nature while discovering their unique interests and talents.

The Brookhouse student body is made up of students of over 30 different nationalities and ethnicities, creating a truly diverse campus. For over four decades, Brookhouse has maintained a commitment to students’ growth and development as global citizens. This, coupled with their experiential learning philosophy, makes Brookhouse School the ideal partner for Camp Kuza.

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Nairobi, Kenya

N airobi, popularly known as “Green City in the Sun” is one of Africa’s most developed and fastest-growing cities. This vibrant, dynamic city is home to people of over 100 ethnicities and nationalities, the only national park in any capital city in the world, and the continent's largest tech sphere - the Silicon Savannah. Nairobi features other attractions such as David Sheldrick’s Trust for orphaned elephants, the Giraffe Center, the lush Karura forest, and the colorful Maasai markets.

T he city is the seat of the central government and is home to embassies, consulates, and the headquarters of the United Nations in Africa, attracting expats from all over the world. With so much to discover, Nairobi offers the ideal learning environment.

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AFEX Summer Immersion Camp is a two-week residential summer program at the prestigious Brookhouse school in Nairobi, Kenya for high school students (grades 10 through 12) from across the globe.

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